solarflo_rdax_221x369Solar power

The Solarflo hot water system collects the free energy from the sun to heat solar panels on the roof and turns this renewable energy into thermal heat to provide hot water for the home. Quick and easy to install, the Solarflo can produce up to 60% of the energy required to heat domestic hot water in summer months and around 55% annually. The Solarflo is compatible with most types of UK heating systems, including the Megaflo Eco range of solar cylinders.


There are three solar thermal heating options

  • Solarflo on-roof collector panels are mounted on top of roof tiles or slates and are therefore most suited for existing properties. An A-frame option is also available for use on flat roofs.
  • Solarflo in-roof collector panels are perfect for new-build properties or major refurbishment projects as they are built into the roof structure
  • Solarflo evacuated tube collectors are premium solar heating performance, even in cloudy conditions, and complete flexibility as they can be mounted on any surface, including A-frames, façades and flat roofs

The number of Solarflo collector panels or tubes you need is dependent on the size of your home, your hot water requirements and the size of the solar cylinder you are using. Typically a home with a family of four will need two solar collector panels or thirty evacuated tubes.

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